Training Sessions

Tri2O Club trains seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year (pretty much!)

Swim Sessions

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We have four swim sessions per week, which are all coached by members of our excellent coaching team. The cost is £8 for one session, or you can buy a training card which covers 10 sessions for £60.

January 2018 update: Until further notice swim sessions at Leighton Park school, Crosfields school and Willink Leisure Centre will be limited to a maximum of 16 swimmers as the Club will only have one coach at each of these sessions because attendance has been low in recent months. Regrettably anyone turning up after the first 16 participants will not be allowed to swim to ensure that the Club continues to adhere to BTF guidelines on coaching ratios. There will continue to be two coaches at Bradfield where numbers are consistently higher. We will monitor the number of people who turn up to swim and if numbers increase again to more than 16 we will endeavour to have a second coach for the appropriate session(s).

Sunday  19:15 – 20:15
Leighton Park School
Shinfield Road
Reading, Berks

Please use Pepper Lane entrance:

Monday 21:00 – 22:00
Crosfields School
Shinfield Road
Reading, Berks

Wednesday 06:30 – 07:30
Willink Leisure Centre
Hollybush Lane
Burghfield Common

Friday 05:55 – 06:55
Bradfield College Sports Complex

Bike SessionsStroudy
We have regular group rides at the weekend, covering a range of paces and distance. Typically these go Sunday morning. They are arranged by the members and published and on our members only closed Facebook group.
All rides are advertised for expected average speed, ride length and whether it will be a no drop ride or not.  Also advertised is whether we will be stopping for cake!

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Run Sessions
We have two run sessions available to members. One is a led run which goes every Thursday and includes a mix of focuses depending on the time of year and where we are in the training cycle. This is a free session.

We also have access to the track at Palmer Park every Friday thanks to Reading Road Runners. This is not a coached session and costs £2.00 payable at the track.
Group runs are also regularly organised by members on the Facebook group

Thursday 19:00 – 20:00
Led Run
Costa Coffee Caversham

Friday 18:30 – 19:30
Palmer Park Track
Palmer Park Athletics Track
Wokingham Rd


Training Session Fees
Training sessions are paid for per session, this can either be as a one off at £8 a time payable to the coach of the training session, or with a training session card, at a cost of £60 for 10 sessions. Training cards are available from the coaches and must be paid for by transferring the funds to the club bank account.

If you have any questions on training sessions, please contact us