About the race

The very first triathlon event to take place in the UK was held at the Kirtons Farm Water Sports Centre back in 1983. The venue has now become the Tri2O Swim Centre, based adjacent to the Reading Lake Hotel.

46Until 2017, The Reading Triathlon has been run and organised by the experienced events team at My Sporting Times (who also run the Tri2O Swim Centre) since its inception many years ago. Tri2O Triathlon Club took over the organisation of the event in 2017 and the inaugural year with new management saw Tri2O continuing MST’s excellent work with, by all accounts, a very successful event.

We received lots of fantastic and constructive feedback from participants, marshals and British Triathlon, all of which has helped us to make some tweaks and hopefully provide an even better athlete and spectator experience for 2018. Thanks must go to all of our previous competitors who shared their thoughts and ideas with us – it really helps us to plan our future events.

We are hoping to be open for entries in the next few days, over which time there will be some changes to the information on this website, so bear with us and …



The race itself takes in an open water swim in the lovely waters of the Tri2O lake, followed by a stunning cycle course around the local lanes of Burghfield, Mortimer and Grazeley, before finishing off with a run around the lakeside trail. Look out for our 110% cycle & run sections! See the “Course info” section for more detailed information including course maps.

There is the possibility that the course may change slightly in 2018 so please keep checking!


There are two race distance options, and the sprint distance can be taken on as a relay team:

Sprint:              750m swim, 22km cycle, 5.4km run

Olympic:           1500m, 44km cycle, 10.8km run

The Reading Triathlon is a British Triathlon sanctioned event, which means that it has met required standards to give you peace of mind that:

  • The event has the appropriate insurances in place.
  • The organiser is taking appropriate measures to ensure your safety.
  • The event is run in accordance with British Triathlon Competition Rules.
  • The organiser is committed to supporting the wider development of the sport.
  • If you have a problem at a permitted event, British Triathlon will endeavour to help you reach a satisfactory conclusion with the organiser.

Most importantly however, this means that you can be sure of a safe, fair and enjoyable race experience.

For further information about the process of event permitting, see the British Triathlon website here https://www.britishtriathlon.org/events/event-organisers/event-permitting


Take advantage of our Early Bird discounts for those who enter before 1st February; on that date the entry price will rise, and again on 1st April to full price entry.

…                                                                   FROM 1st FEB         FROM 1st APRIL

Olympic distance     Early bird £60                   £65                            £70

Sprint distance         Early bird £55                   £60                            £65

Sprint relay               Early bird £20                  £22.50                        £25    (price per team member)

VIP package

Olympic distance     Early bird £125               £130                           £135

Sprint distance         Early bird £120               £125                           £130

Find out more about the VIP package here VIP Entry Package. It’s a great way to make your event more relaxed and easier.


Entries will be open in the next few days! There will be a link on this website to enter directly.


When you enter the Reading Triathlon, you will receive an email from RiderHQ confirming your entry.

10-14 days before the race, we will email the final race day information to entrants. Please make sure when you enter that you put our email address in your address book to prevent important communications being lost as spam. Much of the information you will receive is already included under the section “Race day info”, but this final communication will also include confirmation of wave times.

Two to three days before the race, final start lists will be emailed to registered entrants.


As a British Triathlon permitted event, racing rules are those of British Triathlon, which can be found here: