The very first triathlon event to take place in the UK was held at the Kirtons Farm Water Sports Centre back in 1983. The venue has now become the Tri2O Swim Centre, based adjacent to the Reading Lake Hotel.

Until 2017, The Reading Triathlon has been run and organised by the experienced events team at My Sporting Times (who also run the Tri2O Swim Centre) since its inception many years ago. Tri2O Triathlon Club took over the organisation of the event in 2017 and the inaugural year with new management was by all accounts a great success!

We received lots of fantastic and constructive feedback from participants, marshals and British Triathlon, all of which has helped us to make some tweaks and hopefully provide an even better athlete and spectator experience for 2018. Thanks must go to all of our previous competitors who shared their thoughts and ideas with us – it really helps us to plan our future events.

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