The very first triathlon event to ever take place in the UK was held at the Kirtons Farm Water Sports Centre back in 1983. The venue has now become the Tri2O Swim Centre, based at the Reading Lake Hotel.

The event itself takes in an open water swim in the lovely waters of the Tri2O lake, stunning cycle course around the local lanes of Burghfield, Mortimer & Grazeley, before finishing off with a run around the lakeside trail. Look out for our 110% cycle & run sections!!

We are happy to announce that the Reading Triathlon 2017 takes place on the
Sunday, 3rd September 2017:

Sprint & Sprint Relay                             Olympic  
750m Swim                                                  1500m Swim
22km Cycle                                                  44km Cycle
5.4km Run                                                    10.8km Run

Event Extras
Why not make your event that bit easier and enter as a VIP? Our VIP package includes B&B for two people for the night before the event, staying onsite at the Reading Lake Hotel, just yards from Race Registration and the Start

Early bird Entry:
Registrations until the 2nd January 2017 will get £5 off of full price.
From 3rd January 2017 the entry price is full price.

Entries for the 2017 race are now openOnline Entry


Swim Course:

The Olympic Distance swim will be a 2 loop course and the Sprint Distance race will be a single loop.
Whilst the courses will be clearly marked with large marker Buoys it is your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with the correct course for your event – details will be provided in the Race Briefing before you enter the water and will be shown at registration.

There will be Marshals on hand to explain the course to you in advance of your Wave Start and Kayaks on the water to ensure that you are heading in the right direction. Each wave will have around 60 athletes who all need to enter the water within a 5 minute period, please only approach the water entry when you are ready to get in to the water.

If, at any point during the swim, you start to feel unwell or are experiencing a problem, simply turn on to your back and raise your arm in the air; a canoeist or support boat will come to your aid. There will be Emergency cover at the Swim Exit.


Bike Course

Whilst you are ultimately responsible for your own safety and your navigation of the course, we do have a great team of Marshals to help keep you safe and make sure you are travelling in the right direction.  Please obey the marshals and remember they are there for your benefit.  Remember that most of the bike course is on roads open to traffic, so take care and obey the Highway Code.
IMPORTANT NOTES: There are two right hand turns on the Bike Course; one minor, one major. For your own safety you MUST stop and remove your foot from your pedal and place it on the ground in view of the Marshals at the major right turn; failure to do so will result in immediate Disqualification. You’ll see good warning of this junction.
There is also one set of traffic lights on the bike course, however these are on a section of closed road near the end of each bike lap. With this, you’re allowed to go through a red light here, but please do so carefully. No cars should be using this stretch of road, but you never know!
The Bike course is ONE LAP for the Sprint event and TWO LAPS for the Olympic.


Run Course

It’s 3 laps of the course for the Sprint event and 6 laps for the Olympic.
On your final lap you just run down to the finish straight instead of heading around to start another lap – the finish gantry is VERY visible.
A sensible suggestion is to spend a minute checking the route to the finish once you’ve registered. It’ll be down to you to count your own running laps.
Remember that the run course is predominantly on a track around the lake which may be affected by any recent weather – please watch your footing and run within your capabilities.