Membership and Fees

Coach Clive refuelling after Mallorca 70.3At Tri2O, we pride ourselves on being a Club accessible to athletes from all backgrounds.  For that reason, annual membership in the first year is ONLY £30!  Yes £30! and subsequent years it’s £25.

And what’s more we also offer family membership for 2 family members which costs £50 in year one and £45 thereafter  – but is only for 2 family members joining at the same time.

We do have costs to cover though so fees are payable for the other training sessions (mainly the swims) as follows:

1. Swimming Sessions: 1 Swim Card (10 swims) can be purchased for £60.  These swims can be used whenever you like (no time limit).  This works out at £6 per swim (similar to your local pool!)

2. Cycling Sessions: FREE…  though we would highly recommend buying the group ride leader a cup of tea and a piece of cake afterwards.  Only one per leader is required though!

3. Running Track Session: £2.00 per session (Palmer Park Track fee).