Committees are notorious for being inefficient, slow and rather boring.  At Tri2O, we like to think we cut out the unnecessary and get things done, not forgetting our raison d’etre – the love of triathlon and having fun while we’re at it! In 2017 we are led by Club Chair Simon Brimacombe.

Introducing the team …

Simon Brimacombe – Club Chair

249614_1924868813223_584767_n  Simon first heard about triathlon while talking to Dave Lennon in a pub in Dublin after the Dublin marathon in 2010 and thought that would be a good laugh although at the time anything would have probably sounded good if it didn’t mean running for hours. Little did he know. So he can blame Dave for everything but to be fair he blames Simon for most things as well, particularly when they were half way up a mountain in Scotland during a swimrun.

He tries to get to Monday night swim sessions and Friday mornings although this year he has been very lazy and its been hit and miss. He enjoys the Sunday morning rides and attend when possible. He enjoys running and can talk for hours about how great parkrun is.

As he is not at the sharp end of the field in any races he enjoys the social side of competing, the race banter and chatting about race experiences

Sally Waterman – Club Secretary

sally-aviles-2016Sally set herself the challenge of competing in a triathlon in her 50th year and after a few mental battles with the swim loved the race and the camaraderie so much she’s been back for many more over the last 8 years. Despite still finding the swim a challenge she has competed in multiple triathlon World Championships at sprint distance as part of the GB Age Group team and – to avoid having to swim – in the duathlon World Championships at standard distance. Sally is keen to broadcast that triathlon and duathlon are truly inclusive sports that people of all ages and levels of fitness can enjoy, without spending a lot of money on expensive kit. Belonging to a club is a great way to meet like-minded people, learn new skills and have some company to motivate your training so whatever event she is at Sally will get in a mention of Tri2O.

Martin Cook – Treasurer

martinMartin joined the club at the time it was formed, having started triathlon in the traditional manner – on a night out a friend suggested doing one (although he can’t even claim impaired judgement as he was driving). 3 years later he was reluctantly plopping into a lake in Bolton at 6am to take part in IMUK. 6 years further on he was positively delighted to be getting into the clear warm waters in Kona. Having hit the top of the tree so to speak he has now kicked the IM habit (never again, and means it this time). Martin has a wife and two “grown up” children – one of the three is supportive beyond what can be reasonably expected and the other two just despair and hope he never meets any of their friends when dressed for action (guesses on a postcard please). Having said that the despairing family members did become very keen supporters for the trip to Hawaii.

Jennie Jones – Head Coach

Jennie 2Jennie has always been into fitness and sport and became a fitness instructor/PT in her early 20’s. She then trained in a gym 7 days a week weight training and some cardio, kept this up for 20 years until she decided she needed a change at the age of 35 and decided to do a triathlon. So on a borrowed bike and having to learn to swim freestyle she ended up doing 3 triathlons in that year starting with sprint, ending with Olympic and all open water swims. Jennie became addicted, did more sprint and Olympic then moved up to half Ironman and then full Ironman for her 40th & 41st (in Austria and Roth). For all those 9 years doing triathlon Jennie has suffered an injured hip, only finding out when she was 39 that it was osteoarthritis! She was devastated and was told to stop running BUT her love for triathlon and being a very determined and stubborn person [her words!] she refuses to let it stop her doing what she loves. Jennie has been a Level 2 Triathlon Coach since June 2014.

Nicky Rumsey – Communications Secretary

NickyNicky started doing triathlons many years ago, on a turn up and compete alone, or with a friend basis – pretty anonymously.  In 2012 she was persuaded to join Tri2o to go to the swim sessions on the basis that “there were worse swimmers than her there”  (taken as a back handed compliment).  She still regularly attends and loves the Friday swim sessions.  She was the Social Secretary before current role as Communications Officer.  Having a hugely busy job and very active children means she has to fit in the training when she can…but enjoys the club sessions and any club champs events she can get to.  Being in the club has turned the whole sport into a much more social occasion!

Clare Fox – Membership Secretary

Clare FoxClare was bought up on bike (come rain or shine), she cycled John O’ Groats to Lands End at 15, then decided she hated cycling for a few years after! The bike love returned upon realising that commuting by bike was going to be a lot cheaper than driving and now gets a lot of cycling training in by cycling to work most days with the aim of getting every QOM between Bracknell and Reading (Not Reading to Bracknell, too early in the morning!). She started running after being dragged down to a Parkrun on a rainy Saturday morning. She did her first triathlon attempting to beat her Mum (the logic was over the 3 disciplines it levelled the playing between them) and hasn’t looked back since. She is now working on her running to hopefully improve her advantage.

Ian Armstrong – Race Secretary

Kirsty Simpson – Social Secretary

Kirsty 2Kirsty is an ex-rower who took up running in Trinidad because there weren’t any rivers big enough to row on. On permanently giving up messing about in boats she was looking for another pastime that took up lots of time, energy, and cash and that’s when she met Dom and Ruth Dos Remedios and was persuaded to join Tri2O. Having successfully hidden for a number of years, competing only in half marathons, she has recently been a regular at Thursday night runs and Sunday rides and as a result has been persuaded to actually attempt a triathlon, debuting at the club relays 2015…

Kirsty has extensive experience in socialising and looks forward to bringing this to her role as social secretary.

Abby Evely– Kit Secretary.


Abby is a triathlete who has competed in 70.3 in the past couple of years, but is currently recovering from injury.  She is also the wife of an IM in training (also one of our coaches).  She is currently a very active marshall at events.


Unity Speakman – Welfare Officer

UnityUnity is first and foremost an outdoor girl. After about 30 years of climbing and mountaineering as her first love, life, teaching and living in Berkshire finally made her decide to change tack for recreation and she signed up for Reading Tri in 2013. The friendship and support of the club hooked her in within 6 months, and Georgia quickly encouraged her to join the committee [she has a habit of doing that] as Welfare Officer.

Her job is to ensure we remain inclusive, respectful and supportive of one another across the entire membership. Let her know if you have any concerns about any aspect of the club in this respect, but she doesn’t expect to be kept busy!

Christina Gustafson – Ladies’ Captain

ladies-cChristina’s favourite place to be as a teenager was the athletics track. After University she moved on to triathlon from track and field, enjoying many years training for and competing in triathlons and gradually building the distance up. She took an 11 year break after IRONMAN UK in 2005 and has now returned to training and competing with renewed enthusiasm thanks to joining Tri2o. Her passion for cycling (which was her least favourite discipline previously) continues to grow after double carpal tunnel release surgery means riding is a enjoyable again, and she regularly attends and frequently leads weekend club cycle rides. Christina likes to encourage members to take part in events and come along to training sessions and she seems to never stops talking (even whilst cycling up Walbury Hill!)

Gareth Sylvester-Bradley – Men’s Captain

Pete Gough – Reading Triathlon Subcommittee Chairman


If you are interested in becoming more involved in the organisation of the Club, please contact Club Secretary Sally Waterman direct or via the Contact webpage.